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Local Social Workers Creating Local Solutions

BPSW increases the number of Professional Social Workers in developing countries and ensures that those who devote their careers to social work have the necessary resources, training, and support to deliver contextually appropriate assistance to their communities.

Community Assets for Families in Need

Many developing nations, where populations cope with war, natural disasters, and political and economic instability, lack the infrastructure to effectively support the Social Work Profession.

BPSW provides local university students access to scholarships and social work literature to develop practice consistent with the needs of respective communities. By supporting Social Work Faculty in adapting relevant social work theories to local conditions, BPSW programs improve the skills of local Social Work Professionals.

International relief organizations provide recovery and reconstruction programs in post-conflict and disaster regions, but often when these organizations leave, the affected communities must face long-term repercussions on their own. BPSW aims to alleviate that burden by providing local professional social workers with the tools they need to repair a community's social fabric.

BPSW Takes Action

The devastation caused by frequent natural disasters in Indonesia is further aggravated by environmental mismanagement, extreme poverty, and antiquated social welfare systems. BPSW recognized this need and took action.

BPSW established the Social Work Practice Resource Center to provide Indonesian communities with the local Social Work Professionals to assist families in need. Click here to read more about current projects in the region.

Building Professional Social Work is a project of Jembatan Masa Depan (JMD), a registered Indonesian NGO providing community-building skills and implementing sustainable livelihood projects. Visit and for more information.